Natalie Rae

Natalie Rae
Natalie recently returned to Harrisburg, PA after spending a decade in The Rocky Mountains where she founded and ran a holistic nutrition company. She is a proud queer, and single mama to an adventurous and compassionate child. She is a fierce advocate for equality and sustainability, and volunteers with Moms Demand Action, various LGTBQIA+, and Environmentalist Organizations. Motivated by a love of nature, she spends a majority of her time camping and exploring around the country or creating art that mimics the wonders of our natural world.
Mamapalooza, Mama's Village, South Central PA

Mama’s Village and Building Community in South Central PA

I had the pleasure of speaking with Laura, founder of Mama’s Village, for a work call this week. I was introduced to her through a client who I met while attending a kid’s show...
spring, volunteering

Planting Seeds of Community: Spring Volunteer Ideas

Everyone is ready for Spring Break as the tides of the Earth prepare to break their long rest from barren to beautiful. Children are itching to splash in puddles and slide down hills of...

Opt Out of the January Stir-Crazies

January descends upon us in the guise of a month of rest. Eagerly, we turn our eyes toward “the end” of the holiday season as our mental and emotional capacities are pushed to the...
Banned Book Week

Banned Book Week: Understanding Bans and Who May Be Affected 

Book bans just sound scary; like Fahrenheit 451 (banned), they inspire images of roasting our individuality over embers of the power we no longer wield as people forced under unjust and hierarchical rule. Before...

Library Card Sign Up Month: Reap the Benefits of Local Libraries

Library Card Sign Up Month is celebrating its 36th year in existence. Created in an effort to ensure all children have access to the benefits of our public libraries, National Library Card Month is a...

What is a Non-Profit? And A List of 10 to Support Today

When we think of non-profits, we often think of foundations that were created directly in reverse of our usual capitalistic societal expectations, and exist simply to do good. While this can be true for many...