Fireflies and Whoopie Pie: Preventing Child Sexual Abuse


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Finding out your child has been sexually abused is a nightmare that, unfortunately, becomes reality for families across the nation. And on this week’s episode of Fireflies and Whoopie Pie, a local mom whose daughter was victimized speaks out about her experience.

Child sexual abuse is a pervasive issue; according to RAINN, most victims are under the age of 17, and 82% are female. 1 in 9 girls will become victims of child sexual abuse, and 1 in 20 boys. Survivors of child sexual abuse are more likely to experience PTSD, depressive episode as adults, and develop symptoms of drug abuse. Overwhelmingly, the perpetrators are people know and trusted by not only the victim, but by their parents as well — as this week’s guest shared. Though most of the perpetrators were men, women commit child sexual abuse as well. Our guest, Amy, became part of the Mama Bear Effect after experiencing all of this herself firsthand.

The Mama Bear Effect is a non-profit organization dedicated to awareness and prevention of child sexual abuse through resources that change the way we think, learn, and talk about the issue. Find out more on this week’s episode, as well as about warning signs to look for, precautions you can take, and what to do if your child becomes a victim.

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