5 Easy, Free, and Fun Indoor Activities

indoor activities
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The holidays are over, so the stress should be gone, right? But there’s a new issue occupying your mind: being stuck inside with little kids, which can make everyone a little restless. So you spend 30 minutes bundling your babes up to spend a whole 15 minutes outside before they start complaining they’re cold. Truth: so are we! So that means it’s time to find some indoor activities to keep everyone entertained.

Let’s see what we can do about that. A small change in the routine, something new and exciting to mix up the day, a fun activity to kick everyone’s attitudes. Here’s some ideas to help you and your kiddos get through this deep freeze.

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Baths! With a twist…

Baths with glow sticks. Baths with watercolor paint. Baths with blocks. Baths with droppers and cups. Baths with Pom Poms. You get the point. A midday bath with some fun sensory play is a great shift away from the cold.


Grab a blanket, make some little sandwiches and spread out in the living room. Make it a more lively view by putting a sunny spring photo on the TV.


In our house, nothing changes the energy quicker than a good ole dance party. My kids love watching me try to dance and sing along to our favs.

Beach Bash

Now I’m not advocating for sand inside. Leave that nonsense to Daniel Tiger. But crank the heat up a few degrees, spread out some beach blankets, put on some Kokomo and relax like you’re at the beach. Extra tip: if you have a fishing game, you can set your kiddos up to play that for a better experience!

Fort Winter

Who doesn’t love a good pillow and blanket fort? It’s cozy and allows for a creative outlet while your kids build. When it’s all together, pass out some snacks and put on a movie for some extra quiet time.


Get out of the house! Go to the mall or Target or the bookstore and let your kids set the pace. Let them look at the toys they want to look at or sit and read a few books. Sometimes just getting out of the house for an hour or two with no agenda can help calm things down.

They say the days are long and the years are short, and I’m pretty sure nothing feels longer than being stuck inside for days on end… but a few fun indoor activities can make things a little easier. You can save these ideas for a rainy day as well!


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