Emily Kenniston

Emily Kenniston
Hi! I’m Emily. I am a professionally represented and published model, freelance journalist and content writer, the Lifestyle and Managing Editor for Grit & Goals Magazine, community television program host, school librarian, singer, and public speaker who has had a passion for creative writing and storytelling since childhood. I have experience writing everything from novels, to blog posts, to magazine articles, to local news articles. I also currently hold the title of Mrs. Pennsylvania Continental Worldwide, and I am honored to use my title to support small business owners in my home state. I was lucky enough to marry my college sweetheart, Dillon, and together we reside in Berks County, PA with our daughter, Brielle, and rescue pup, Teddy.
family size

Can We Please Stop Commenting on Family Size?

"So, you don't have any kids? You must have so much time to yourself." "Oh... you only have the one?" "Wow, that's a lot of kids -- you must be busy." "Two girls, huh? Are you going...

The Power of Affirmation: How Three Words From Another Mom Changed Everything

“You’re doing great.” To put it mildly (very, very mildly), I have been going through a tough season. As someone who struggles with severe anxiety, it can be extremely hard to get through even the...
Matthew Perry

Life, Love, and Laughter: The Legacy of Matthew Perry

This Saturday, I (along with the rest of the world) was completely devastated to learn of the tragic passing of Matthew Perry. As a devoted Friends fan, I always thought that Chandler Bing was...

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas – For Kids AND Moms!

Ah, fall -- the wonderful time of year where the dizzying heat of summer gives way to the perfect mix of not-too-hot and not-too-cold weather, when the kaleidoscope of nature’s colors are in the...
Barbie, motherhood

Barbie and Motherhood: Standing Still, Running Fast, and Seasons in Between

*Warning: Spoilers for the Barbie movie ahead!* Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year (if you have been, can I join you?! This heat is getting to me, and somewhere cool...
birth trauma

Birth Trauma Awareness Week and the Importance of Self-Care

Mamas, with July more than half over, I’m sure I’m not the only one experiencing... shall we call it “Summer Break Burnout?" I was all excited for summer break about two months ago, and...

My Why: Maternal Mental Health, Pageants, and Motherhood

Hello all! My name is Emily Fitzpatrick Kenniston, and I’m absolutely delighted to be one of the newest additions to the content team here at South Central PA Mom. I’m excited to share my...